Restaurant Review: House Pizzeria

House Pizzeria

Let’s be real, everyone loves pizza. But most people don’t know where the best place is to find the pie style they prefer. Enter: me.

Looking for neopolitan, wood-fired pizza at a decent price? Then you NEED to check out House Pizzeria. This quaint place is tucked away on 51st street, about a mile west of i35. It is small, homey, and their website is a great example of how they operate: minimally with no fuss. If you choose to dine there, beware that it gets very busy in the evenings! Although the atmosphere is decent, I suggest ordering to go – I usually only wait 20-30 minutes even on their busiest nights.

Pictured to the left, you’ll see a leftover slice of classic pepperoni next to a slice of sausage with peppers and mushrooms (the 4 leaves of spinach are my attempt at a salad). The pizza comes at about 12″ with six slices. And get this: each pie was only $13! Compared to chains or pricier pizza stops in Austin, this is a steal. The high quality of a wood-fired thin crust pizza and wholesome ingredients makes this one of my favourite pizza spots in Austin.

You should probably make House Pizzeria your dinner plans for tonight.