Restaurant Review: St. Genevieve

It’s Saturday night. You are craving a complex, beautiful cocktail, but you would
rather not delve into the chaos that is downtown Austin. Enter: St. Genevieve.

I read about this place on Eater – they wrote about up and coming restaurants on
Rock Rose and I KNEW I had to try this place. When walking up to the restaurant,
there are beautiful large white stones encompassing the building with intricate
stone cutouts along the patio. The side of the building reads:

“Divine dishes for the devout drinker”

It is as if they knew me already.


I invited a few of my friends  last weekend to try their cocktails. I ordered the “I Dream of Genevieve.” My friend Whitney ordered a French 75 and Joel ordered a glass of Merlot.

Oh. My. Goodness.

This is a bold statement to make, especially for me, but I have found my new favourite cocktail lounge in Austin. This drink BLEW my mind. It was comprised of Bombay Sapphire, rose water, and elderflower liqueur topped with a fresh rose petal. This drink hit every taste bud with a gentle and warm embrace. The flavours combined into an experience that has me craving more.
(I’m typing this from my office computer and let’s be real – I could use one of these right now).

Although I only had their drinks here, their food menu looks quite exquisite, and I will definitely be heading back here for some of their delectable bites – like their pear and prosciutto flat bread and roasted beet salad. Stay tuned for more reviews of St. Genevieve! In the mean time, do yourself a favour and head there for your next cocktail. Trust me, you’ll thank me for it.