Restaurant Review: Bufalina


If you know me, you know I’m serious about my pizza. It has to be perfect – and with easy to access quality ingredients and countless examples of how to make the perfect crust, I expect restaurants with overpriced pizza and appetizers to nail their pizza.

Bufalina was a sad disappointment.

I joined my sisters at Bufalina last weekend as we celebrated all being in town at the same time. We decided to try Bufalina, given all the rave and good reviews about this place.


For starters, the environment was not welcoming.

The very tiny room with not much seating, and no waiting area, meaning you have to wait outside in the muggy hot weather with intermittent rain.
Then there’s the drinks. They only serve beer and wine, which isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but limiting my drinking options doesn’t make me very happy.

Next, there is the salad. There was only ONE
type of leaf/green salad.. It was a butter lettuce
pile with about 3 almonds and 3 nuggets of feta cheese.
A sad salad indeed.

The olive oil for bread dipping tasted like a generic grocery brand –
I have better tasting and higher quality EVOO at my house.IMG_bjkghk

And then there’s the most disappointing part of it all – the pizza. They advertise it as being Neopolitan style of pizza – the pizzas were both undercooked from the bottom of the crust and burnt on top. The mushroom pizza was too sweet (shouldn’t have been sweet in the first place) and the salami pizza barely had any toppings.
It left the pizza limp and lifeless.


Overall, this place was not impressive. I can think of so many other pizza spots to hit up in Austin that would be a better bang for your buck. We spent $80 on two pizzas, two salads, and a few glasses of wine. Not my kinda place.

Have you been to Bufalina before? What were your reactions to their food/service/atmosphere?