Restaurant Review: Fukumoto

Fukumoto was one of the best dining experiences I’ve ever had… That’s a big statement, I know. But I mean it.

Sitting across from Shangri La, the restaurant has clean lines, simple decor, and heavy wooden seats and tables. I was already enjoying my experience just by walking in the door and being seated.


After gazing at the menu, unsure of what to try first, our lovely Australian waitress pointed out a few ofher favourite dishes as well as some new specials.The first dish we were served was the miso pork belly, yakitori style. Not only was the flavour incredible, but the amazingly soft and tender pork belly melted in my mouth.

The next dish was chicken thigh with scallions, again, yakitori style. The flavour was perfect, not too little or too much, and the grilled chicken with scallion combo was phenomenal.

We also tried the king salmon sushi and yellowtail sushi. I am not sure how they cut perfect, fresh, melt in your mouth pieces of fish, but I know I like it and it is worth every cent. I was already in love with this place. But the best was still yet to come…

We ordered a tuna and mackerel sushi (nigiri style) and the tuna was ON POINT, however the mackerel was a little too “fishy” for my liking. Luckily, Joel fancied the fishiness. (Did I also mention they have the best soy sauce I’ve ever had? Because they do.


The sushi rolls we ordered came to us with grandeur: they were both daily specials and were D I V I N E. The first was a salmon and pear roll with an incredible creamy sauce. The other was a yellowtail and cucumber roll with fresh sprouts on top. YUMM-O.


Then came the greatest creation of all.. the takoyaki style corn dogs created by Chef Sean. An amazing concoction that is common in Japanese festivals, filled with meat and covered in sprouts and sauces and perfection. If you want to try something new this week, LET IT BE THESE.


The freshness of each ingredient, high quality fish, and amazing combinations that Fukumoto and his team created are some of the best I’ve had.

More pictures from a recent visit, for your viewing pleasures:

A huge thank you to Kazu and their amazing team!