Restaurant Review: Bribery

There are fewer things more lovely on a weekend morning than a bakery. Joel and I visited the new Bribery Bakery in Mueller last weekend and were invited in with bright colours and designs all around the shop. There was a lot of construction going on that morning, including a jack hammer next door that echoed throughout the entire bakery – it was not pleasant. I kind of thought the manager should have offered a complimentary treat or a discount for the incredibly distracting noise but we weren’t offered anything.IMG_2150

The treats are quite massive, which honestly, is a little unappetizing to me. A cinnamon roll larger than my head is a little scary to look at… Joel and I ended up ordering a gargantuan breakfast sandwich and a small coffee cake (one of the only small treats in the store), as well as an iced coffee and a house drip coffee. The coffee cake was filled with an incredible array of fruits and nuts – it was more like a fruit cake on the inside and a sweet cinnamon crumble on top. And the iced and drip coffees met the needs of this coffee lover!

coffee cake



The breakfast sandwich is one of the best I’ve EVER had. The biscuit was dense, moist and had an incredible flavour – the slight bits of bacon in the biscuit were an extra treat! The egg was perfectly cooked, the maple glazed ham was the perfect sweetness, and the whole thing put together was just what I needed that beautiful Saturday morning.

Overall, the experience was average, partially because of the loud construction with little care for the consumer, and because of the oversized treats. But that biscuit really hit my breakfast needs! I definitely want to come back for their cocktails and desserts.



What is your favourite bakery in Austin?