Restaurant Review: Juniper


complimentary prosciutto appetizer

A beautiful northern-Italian style restaurant with high ceilings and beautiful neutral colors….
with sub par, overdone, overpriced food. Be prepared for a negative review of what should have been a great experience at Juniper.

I started out with anticipating the daily specials that were listed on the reservation page on Juniper’s website. However my waiter stated that they didn’t have any specials and the only items were on the menu… I was quite upset about it but the manager came over and apologized for the miscommunication and offered us a complimentary appetizer – which was delicious. Prosciutto and pesto with pickled red onions on a cheese shell.


roasted gulf shrimp

We ordered fresh bread, gulf shrimp, a gnocchi dish and a pappardelle dish.

I have to say that the waiter said that these are small sharable plates, so when we ordered two heavier pasta dishes we thought they would be so – they absolutely were not. They were so big and heavy that neither Joel or I could finish them! I HATE wasting food and I am never one to leave an empty plate, but the pairings we ordered did not compliment each other and were extremely rich and heavy. I wish our server told us that those pairings wouldn’t be the best choices. I would rather the customers be happy with their dishes and spend a few less $$ than get the most expensive dishes and be unhappy and uncomfortable at the end of the meal.


gnocchi with roasted peaches and pecans



I do have to say my favourite dish was the gulf shrimp – the roasted fire grilled flavour and lump meat was divine! The last two dishes were the gnocchi and pappardelle.  The gnocchi was a rich hearty dish with pecans and peaches amongst other veggies. A nice way to make the dish light. I preferred this dish over the pappardelle.


ox tail pappardelle

Lastly, we were served the ox tail pasta – I wasn’t aware how rich, gamey, fatty and heavy ox tail would be. Joel loved it – I did not share the same fancy. I had about 3 bites and was done with it.

Again, I really have to emphasize that this restaurant gave me high hopes for an incredible meal but I was disappointed with the misleading and pricey dishes. I would’ve liked more instruction on the menu and description in what each plate’s experience would be.


sometimes he can be shy.

We also went to Juniper the night after Fukumoto, where I was wowed in a million ways. It made my expectations for Juniper fairly high, but this place just didn’t even meet my most average standards.

Just because a restaurant is new, doesn’t mean it’s going to be good. Sometimes the classics are classics for a reason.