Restaurant Review: Burn Pizza + Bar

***UPDATE: I am so sad to inform you but Burn has closed its doors as of December 2016.***


If you know me at all, you know that I love pizza. I love pizza more than the average human. I was actually going to make my blog JUST about pizza, but decided against it. But let me get to my point:


First of all, they have their own parking on East 6th. That alone was praise worthy. When you walk in, the atmosphere is a cool low key relaxed feel with arcade games and a bar (which if you sit in the front area, you order food and drinks at the bar). Walk toward the back, and there’s a more intimate and formal sitting area. The menu is small but each dish seems meticulously crafted.



I ordered a gin and soda with lime – my favourite drink btw – and was pleased with the array of gin choices they have! Anyplace that has more than Bombay and Tanqueray makes me very happy.

We started with an Antonelli’s cheese plate and it was YUUUMMM. We also ordered the mozzarella prosciutto appetizer, and it was brought in a super beautiful presentation (and was also yummy)!

Joel and I ordered The Devil pizza – spicy salami and capicola with mozzarella. The first two slices were so spicy that they BURNED our mouth. It was quite unpleasant. The salami was waaaay too spicy that I had to go to the bar and ask for some ranch to cool my mouth off. Well, they didn’t have ranch. They had chipotle ranch. What the heck kind of pizza place doesn’t have normal ranch???? I also told the bartender that it was hard to eat something this spicy and that I am used to spicy foods – his response was this:

“Well I don’t think it’s spicy enough actually.”

What? Excuse me? Your response is that it isn’t spicy to YOU? I kind of awkwardly stood there and said well, it’s spicy to me. Truly weird and awful customer service (however the other bartenders were absolutely delightful).



Anyway, the rest of the slices weren’t as spicy (we weren’t sure if our mouths were numb or if it actually got less spicy). The pizza was quite delicious and the paper thin crust was truly the best part of it all. I have NEVER had crust that thin and flavourful. And for $14 for 7-8 big slices, it is quite the deal.

Overall, despite the unbalanced spicy pizza, I would definitely go back here and try more of their plates, especially some of their pastas and appetizers.

Have you tried Burn? What are your thoughts on this restaurant?