Restaurant Review: Little Barrel & Brown

IMG_2489Joel and I happened upon Little Barrel & Brown after outreach one Sunday evening and it was the best little surprise. When you walk in, there are many seating areas to choose from- by the window, intimate booths, the bar, or another back area with more booths. We sat by the window where little terrariums dangled overhead. Sunday evenings are all night happy hour, with amazing appetizer deals. We went with the mussels in white wine sauce with rustic in house made bread, and the duck confit bbq sliders.


I was blown away. The flavours, freshness, and presentation were incredible.

The mussels were perfectly cooked and plump. The white wine sauce was light and had the perfect touch of lemon. The rustic bread was warm, soft and crusty at the same time. They all complemented each other so perfectly. Just thinking about it now makes me salivate. Sorry if that is gross but it is true. This is the absolute BEST mussels dish I’ve ever had (and I’ve had them all across Europe). So yes, that is a weighty statement! Also, the dish was $8. So ok that’s fine.

The duck confit sliders were HUGE. They weren’t messing around with tiny little miniature sliders you can eat in a bite. They didn’t shy with the meat either. TONS of amazing tender duck, perfectly seasoned and sauced, with a soft brioche bun. They were also $3 each. SOMEONE PINCH ME PLEASE. I also had a french 75 that wasn’t too sweet or sour. And our waiter was helpful and kind as well!


There is nothing I would have changed about my experience here, and I am confident that all of their other plates are just as amazing. I would go back to this place in a heartbeat. In fact, I’m making plans to revisit right now. You should probably head there soon too. By probably I mean GO AND DO IT.