Restaurant Review: L’Oca D’oro

Alright you guys. I hate to do this, but I will warn you that this is a not-so-great review.IMG_2983

My sister and I tried a new neighborhood restaurant, L’Oca D’Oro, a few days ago. I was so excited to have my cheat meal of yummy italian food… I was hugely disappointed.

We ordered the peach and ricotta crostinis to start. The bread was incredibly smokey and had almost a meaty flavour. We asked the manager about it when he walked over, and he explained that the bread and many more items are kept around the grill, and that a lot of the smokey flavour gets penetrated into these things i.e. the bread. Maybe it’s just me, but when I’m being served something that is supposed to be refreshing and light like a peach crostini, I don’t want it to taste like meat. The manager also said this is something that the chef does that he brought from his former cooking experiences. I for one am NOT a fan.



Next we ordered the carbonara, a classic, and one of my fave dishes. It was SO salty that we had to send it back. We asked for there to be no added salt. They brought it back and it was the EXACT SAME. It was nearly inedible. I know that sounds dramatic, but you guys, it was like liquid creamy salt.
It also came with “squash blossoms” i.e. four little tiny leaves with almost no flavour. Strange indeed.




We also ordered the tomato casarecce. This was actually quite delightful. The pasta tasted so fresh and the sauce was light and full of flavour. The mushrooms were perfectly cooked as well. However, there were about 5 cherry tomatoes in the whole dish. And the massive amount of fennel herb on top was overpowering. I got a massive bite of it and had the most bitter taste in my mouth after.

We then ordered the meatballs. These were DELICIOUS. However they only give one baby crostini for three meatballs… As I was in the middle of eating, I pulled out a large grey hair. It was long. It was covered in meat. It was disturbing. IMG_2975

For a restaurant that has been opened for barely a week, you think they would be EXTRA careful and aware of their dishes, especially after that table had sent back the same pasta twice… I understand that hair can shed and fall and it is an accident.. but this hair was DEEP in the middle of a meatball… YIKES.

The manager was incredibly apologetic and so very kind – the service was really great – however like I said in my Juniper review, I came for the food.



The manager did give us complimentary cookies and nixed the meatballs and carbonara off the check.



They were the best Italian cookies – may I say the best cookies in general – that I’ve had. They were soooo fresh and perfectly baked and had incredible sweetness and flavour!

Overall, I don’t think I would come back because the experience was really sour.. Did I mention they don’t have salads? Not even a simple side garden salad?

I am all about local restaurants but a place that can’t do pasta right is a place I just can’t support. Sorry for the debbie downer post you guys but I do suggest going here JUST for the cookies (and the wine on tap).