Restaurant Review: Micklethwait

It has been TOO LONG since I’ve posted a blog and I sincerely apologize for that y’all! But do not fear, this post will have been worth the wait.


Because BBQ.
However you want to write it or say it.. I love me some barbeQ.

I just looked at my Instagram and I had this bbq on May 24… whoops.

Ok I’ll get to the meat of the post.

Get it. Meat. BBQ… I’m hilarious.

Micklethwait BBQ might be the best I’ve had in Austin. They bring some serious competition to the Austin BBQ scene!

bbqPictured here is the house smoked brisket, chili beans, jalapeno cheese grits, and house made bread with bbq sauce. And this whole plate was $11! I could only eat about half of it so bringing it home as leftovers was a joy! The brisket was incredibly tender, moist, and fell apart in perfect pieces. I of course had to pile a bit of the perfectly smoked brisket onto the warm, fluffy bread with some bbq sauce and chili beans. I mean just the biggest flavour explosion happened in my mouth. The grits were definitely the best I ever had – so super cheesy with just enough spice and texture!


There isn’t much more to say about Micklethwait other than if you haven’t been, you need to. Forget Franklin’s or County Line or whatever other popular spot. This little trailer has all you need! The prices, the location (east 11th) and the fact that it hasn’t exploded in popularity is both shocking but works out in your favour. They also have amazing pies that I have yet to try but the pictures alone will make you drool.

So, if you like bbq, and if you know anything about Austin, you’ll go here for your next lunch break (because the line will never be more than 20 minutes) and sip on a Mexican Coke and down the best bbq in town.