Nashville Musings: Day 1


After our night in Memphis, we headed to our friend’s wedding at Madison Creek Farms in Goodlettsville, Tennessee (just a quick drive north of Nashville). It was hot and sweaty and beautiful. The only thing I love more than beautiful friends gathered for love and commitment is the food and drinks that come with it. I wish I had taken pictures of the spread because it was GORGEOUS. Not only did they have tons of beverages and snacks like cheese, bread, and fruit, but there were childhood pictures of both the groom and bride all over! It was darling.IMG_3107




For dinner, they served carnitas tacos (that they smoked in the back of the farm – talk about fresh), incredible mac n cheese, a sweet kale summer salad, and a great local beer, as well as four wine options. It was a perfect summer afternoon with perfect summer food. Congrats to the lovebirds!


After showering off incredible amounts of sweat, J and I went to grab some pizza in East Nashville at a place called Five Points Pizza. This place was almost identical to Home Slice! There was a super long wait but we were able to claim some seats at the bar. I love when restaurants have first come first serve bar service. Makes things a lot easier. We started off looking at the extensive beer list. I tried a beer that I am a hardcore fan of now – Bell’s Oberon from Michigan. Just thinking about it makes me want one right now… (it’s 12 pm but that’s neither here nor there).



We ordered Bell’s Oberon (talk about an outstanding beer) while we awaited our pizza. It’s a wheaty orange infused hefeweizen that hit all the right spots (PS PLEASE START DISTRIBUTING TO AUSTIN).

Our pizza was topped with with pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage and peppers. GOOD GOSH THIS PIE WAS PHENOMENAL. Who would’ve thought to get pizza in Nashville, right? Well what was fun about that part of town was that it felt a LOT like Austin.. Hense the great pizza and beer. We ate as much as we could and took the rest home with us which I nommed on in the coming days. Talk about an awesome deal!IMG_3120


Day 1 of Nashville proved to be full of yummy foods and great fun, but Day 2 would be incredibly Nashvillian … I had no idea what I was getting into. Stay tuned for more on Nashy Town!