Restaurant Review: Jacoby’s

A few weekends ago, my sweet Joel took me out to Jacoby’s for a lovely date night. We chose this place after a friend convinced us it was worth going to (she was REALLY enthusiastic). And I totallyIMG_3562 see why. Even though she hyped it up, I wasn’t sure it was going to live up to my expectations. WELLLLLLL I was in for a nice little surprise. The unassuming building hosts a warm and cozy interior with intimate seating and settee’s at wood tables. The cabin feel continues outside on a larger than life patio that sits against a beautiful scene of water and trees.

We were delightfully seated immediately without a reservation (which impatient Monique highly enjoyed) and we sat side by side on a comfy small couch as we sipped on our drinks (deep eddy peach with soda for me). The menu was incredibly simple and didn’t have any weird, intimidating words that can confuse the customer (looking at you, Juniper). I ordered something I would never actually get – the chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and a small arugula salad. My friend + the waitress sweared by its tastiness, so I ordered away. Joel got a classic cheeseburger with fries (with a fried egg on it).


IMG_3560This meal BLEW my mind. The way they were able to take something simple and typical and turn it into their own elegant masterpiece with high quality ingredients was impeccable. I was rolling my eyes at how stupid delicious it was. This might be one of the top 5 favourite things I’ve ever had in Austin. When you go here, you HAVE TO ORDER THIS. I don’t care what kind of clean eating diet you are on, or how tight your dress is.. you have to order this… I for one can’t wait to go back and try more delicious plates!

After we dined, we walked out to the back patio as the sun was setting and reveled in our food babies and blissful states. This was a special meal and a special night. Now… GO to Jacoby’s!