Restaurant Review: Chi’lantro

We all love the feeling of eating a healthy, nutritious meal, but sometimes finding one that tastes decent is a struggle. What I love about Chi’lantro, and why I wanted to spotlight them on my blog, is that they totally understand the blend of health + nutrition! And that they are much more than just their kimchi fries that everyone raves about.IMG_3237

In an attempt to find a healthy option, I ordered their rice bowl with beef ribeye. You guys. Not only did it hit my macros, but it was SO STINKIN GOOD. The meat was perfectly seasoned and tender, the veggies were crisp and fresh, and the kimchi, although I’m not the biggest fan of, was a great addition (plus hello probiotics!). I mean look at this beautiful rainbow bowl. It’s beautiful, is it not? I also got it topped with sesame vinaigrette. This bowl was incredibly filling, energizing, and super yummsies!


On a not so healthy note, we also ordered their chicken wings and chips + queso, you know, for balance…

IMG_3234These were also SO tasty! You can’t beat a good creamy queso with some spice. Crispy chips, crispy wings, and creamy queso. Also, they now have THREE locations outside of their trailer! And not to mention… the bowl was under $8! I mean… where can you get that type of deal anywhere else?

So whether you are going all out and want chicken wings and queso, or you’re sticking to your macros and healthy lifestyle, Chi’lantro has it all. The exquisite yet simple Korean inspired food will meet your needs and then some!