Restaurant Review: Gourmand’s Vs Noble Sandwich Co

Sandwiches are up there with something I could eat everyday and not get tired of because there are SOOOO many ways to make one!

The first two sandwich shops I think of in Austin are Gourmand’s and Noble. One far east, one other in midtown, they both share similar sandwich creations, but have distinct flavours and differences.

The Bacchus

Gourmand’s feels like a classic, homey, and comfortable spot that you want to go to everyday. They have TWENTY ONE sandwiches to choose from, plus soups, plus salads, plus appetizers. My first time there I tried their popular Bacchus sandwich… I could honestly eat this everyday. It has fajita marinated chicken breast, bacon, sautéed poblanos, onions, swiss cheese, avocado, sliced tomato, shredded lettuce, and a spicy mayo. I asked for it on rye (because rye is just the damn best). LOOK AT THIS THING. I probably should have saved half of it but I ate the whole damn thing and it was incredible.

Joel ordered  the Po-Po which is their version of a BLT and they LOADED it with yummy stuff. The traditional bacon, lettuce, and tomato plus roasted garlic mayo. So beautiful and so delicious! One thing I love about Gourmand’s is their “Sandwich Club.”


the Po-Po and house pickled veggies

Their website reads, “The regulars felt that an exclusive club should exist for those folks who could/would eat all 21 of our full sandwiches. To date over 100 people have signed up to take the challenge and only a few have completed.” Quirky, zealous, and awesome.

Noble has gotten a lot of high praise.. and for a good reason. They are serious about their sandwich making. With about fifteen sandwich choices and a handful of sides to pick from, you will find something you love. The last time I went, I had a corned beef special that was incredible – lots of heavy mustard seeds and interesting spices. I have no idea how they made it and that is partially why I loved it! My sister got their roast beef with a dipping sauce – the meat was incredibly tender. We both agreed we would’ve liked some lettuce.

Corned beef special and the roast beef hoagie

Noble is very meat heavy with their sandwiches, so there are not a lot of options for vegetarians. However they make their bread in house and have lots of different specials which highlight their creativity. I am a brussel sprout lover but they deep fried theirs which made it less than appetizing.. Sometimes a fresh side is good with something so meaty and carby! They also have a breakfast menu (which I haven’t tried since it’s only served on weekends).  Their parking situation is also a bit frustrating.. but if you can get a spot, wait in a long line, and get your dream sandwich, it might be worth it.

It’s a tough choice, but I think I have to say that Gourmand’s win the competition. I can’t wait to go back and maybe even one day join the Sandwich Club one day. What’s your favourite sandwich shop in town?