A Guide to Portland

If you haven’t been to Portland, Oregon – now is the time to go. I had the most AMAZING time there this past Christmas and I already miss it. Portland is kind of like an Austin 2.0 (as much as I love Austin it’s just true). Take a look below at all the gorgeous things I ate and saw in Portland!

Tasty N Sons

As soon as I landed in PDX, my boyfriend Joel’s parents picked me up and we went straight for brunch. I chose Tasty N Sons after all the amazing things I’ve heard about it.

This was one of the BEST brunches I’ve EVER had.

The menu is large and has something for everyone, from small plates to large entrees. I chose the chicken fried chicken with veal gravy and a housemade biscuit. Every single thing on the plate melted together in perfect harmony. The biscuit was flaky and melted in my mouth. The gravy was rich but not overwhelming. And the chicken… how a pacific northwest town can make chicken fried chicken better than anywhere in Texas is beyond me. 

They have a few different breakfast biscuit sandwiches you can order and Joel chose the cajun meatloaf biscuit. For them to even think of that and put them together is hilarious because why hasn’t anyone else done this?! Thin fried onions, a fried egg, and cajun meatloaf in-between a flaky housemade biscuit. HOLY MOLY.



Japanese Tea Gardens

This beautiful large garden was a sight for sore eyes. Being from Texas, we don’t get to see lush greens very often. Breathing in the fresh air and smelling all the plants was just what I needed. Did I mention it is freaking beautiful?

We also walked around the Rose Garden just across the street from the Gardens but all the roses are dead as it was freezing arctic tundra weather. But it was still beautiful! There are hundreds of types of roses that are grown there and it is amazing to see the community effort put into keep that place growing.




Pepe Le Moko

We met my friend (who I hadn’t seen in 4 years!) at an adorable underground intimate bar. I ordered a gin martini and they really exemplify what it means to make a classic cocktail. The dark room has small lamps at each booth and is the epitome of an intimate bar. It’s one bar I’ll definitely be returning to when I’m back in Portland!


Portland City Grill 

An unexpected and spontaneous fancy dinner with my boyfriend and his parents took place at Portland City Grill and wwwweeeoooooww it was exquisite. The restaurant sits on the 30th floor of the U.S. Bancorp Tower where you can see every inch of the beautiful city.
If the view wasn’t amazing enough, the food was just divine. I had some of the best sushi there – a yellowfin tuna, yellowtail & wild salmon over a creamy Crab & avocado roll. Joel had the crispy shrimp tempura, eel & avocado orange tobiko, kaiware, and cucumber. I am salivating just thinking about it!!

The Aerial Tram

The tram gives you the best view of the city. It’s actually meant to connect a hospital from one building to another (which is a brilliant use of space) but it’s great for tourists to see an awesome 360 view! We spent some time at the top admiring the beautiful city of Portland.



Bollywood Theatre on Division

Division Street is a must see when visiting Portland. A long street full of quaint shops, restaurants, bars, and neighborhood sites, you can spend all day tasting and experiencing the scene! Similarly, Bollywood Theatre was just FANTASTIC. This restaurant is hilarious, adorable, authentic, and I need one in Austin. This was probably the best Indian food I’ve ever had at a restaurant. Pictured is the traditional Thali plate with a huge warm prantha, dahl, sabvji, raita, chutney, and chicken tikka with saffron rice. I don’t know how they made it taste so delicious and like grandma’s cooking. I was skeptical about having chicken on the bone served with tikka but the meat fell off in beautiful pieces. I would go back here in a heartbeat! 

We also ordered the lamb samosas – fried puffs filled with ground lamb and spices, served with mint chutney and a fruity chutney. Again, it was just too delicious. This is a must-have when visiting Portland!


SE Wine Collective

Our last stop in Portland was a small and cozy wine bar where we sampled some amazing Pinot Noir’s. Their wine flight list was small so I wouldn’t suggest going here for wine tastings, but they have a fabulous list of wines to try as well to buy!

Portland is the city of my dreams, and I can’t wait to go back soon. What are some of your favorite PDX spots? Let me know what you think!