Restaurant Review: Eureka!

Eureka! is located in the heart of downtown Austin. It’s corner spot next to The Driskill has large open windows and a beautiful indoor space with ample seating. I had the best time trying their menu and I am excited to share some of my favourites with you!

Lollipop Corn Dogs
These little balls of joy were fantastic. The big, fresh polish sausage is a nice change from the mystery meat you might be used to. It comes with a delicious spicy porter mustard (that I used throughout my whole meal).


Grilled Caesar Salad
I love a grilled salad and not enough places do it! The presentation was beautiful – three big romaine hearts drizzled with delicious dressing, lots of parmesan shreds, and fresh tomatoes. This takes salad to a new level. It’s a MUST have!

Fresno Fig Burger
I could eat this once a week and never get sick of it. There’s an addictive quality in the fig jam and goat cheese. The perfect additions to a classic burger! The onion rings were also incredible: very lightly fried and perfectly cooked. They are nothing like the thick, crumbly onion rings I’ve had at other restaurants!

Napa Chicken Sandwich
This sammie was so incredibly light and fresh and full of flavour! There’s not much to say other than it’s clear that it is on their signature menu. Also, the fries. Ohhhhh the fries. So so good.

Americana Apple Crisp
This apple-pie like dessert came out bubbling hot and perfectly cooked! The crispy oats were a great alternative to the usual thick and heavy pastry. The vanilla bean ice cream on top was also insanely delicious.

Chocolate Torte
I am obsessed with this dessert. It’s so rich and fluffy, and the molten chocolate on the inside made my eyes roll to the back of my head. The walnuts and syrup drizzled on the plate next to the vanilla bean ice cream was such a dream. I wish I had one in front of me right now!

Everyone NEEDS to go to Eureka and try their incredible menu items. I know I will for sure be back very soon!