Food & Wine Festival Recap

The Austin Food and Wine Festival was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had! Here are a few pictures of bites and drinks from local restaurants that I absolutely loooooovvveeddddd.



Olamaie biscuit and Eberly strawberries with waffles

Justin wine – always a good choice

Yummy pasta from Four J Foods

Grapefruit cocktail from Ford’s Gin

Smoked pork taco from Sonya Cote at Eden East

Eberly strawberries with waffles

Delicious chicken and veggie tamales from Tamale House

Low-calorie mixers from Be Mixed

Brisket sliders from Knotty Deck (these were absolutely incredible)

Fideo with mushrooms, fara beans, and goat cheese from Bullfight

Umami burger from Oasthouse (so good, I had 2)

Beef tenderloin and lotsa wines

Stella San Jac and their amazing meatballs! They also gave me biscuit mix to take home

Agave Wine from HEB – one of the best mixed drinks

Behold, the beautiful Hendrick’s Gin bar

Delicious drinks from Seersucker Gin

Stella San Jac (again) and the best biscuits and jam

Thanks for the great time Food and Wine – until next year!