Big Delicious Food Truck

There’s a new BBQ food truck in town and I’m 100% in love with everything they do. Big Delicious Food Co. is changing the game in smoked meats and BBQ dishes. From tacos to sandwiches and frito pies, BBQ is represented in all the best ways. They also donate 10% of each purchase to Dell Children’s, Dress for Success, and Camp Eyas. We enjoyed this BBQ feast at the lovely Hi Sign Brewing but their location changes often so keep up with them on Facebook to find out where they’ll be next!

Big Daddy Stack- fritos topped with chopped brisket, queso, beans, smashed avocado, cotija cheese, pickled onions and jalapenos. I have have NEVER liked a frito pie in my whole life and this has changed that. I am so in love with this creation that I’ve been thinking about it non-stop! All of the layers are perfectly compiled and create the perfect bite of tang, spice, and texture. I could actually eat it everyday. 

Neon Pig – smoked pulled pork, pickled red onions, cilantro, cotija cheese, mr. roboto sauce on a flour tortilla. This taco is what bbq tacos have always needed to be. The sauce is a creamy avocado tomatillo sauce with a little cilantro and lime. Soooo yummy!

Beef Cake – chopped brisket, smashed avocado, chimiverde salsa on flour tortilla. The chimiverde salsa is a perfect blend of a cilantro-based chimichurri and verde salsa. It is perfect with the brisket and avocado! 

Philly Chop Shop – chopped brisket, queso, sauteed onions & jalapenos, BBQ sauce on a toasted hoagie. This was Joel’s favourite. The brisket with their queso just melts in your mouth! The fluffy hoagie holds everything like a little blankie. Their traditional BBQ sauce is heavy on the brown sugar with a black pepper kick. Talk about deeeelicious. I can’t wait to go back for more (i.e. to order the frito pie again and again).