Weekend in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is such a beautiful place full of amazing food, greenery, food, sights, and food. Half the reason I was excited about Joel and my trip to New York was for all the amazing noms that were to happen. Brooklyn did not disappoint!

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

$15 to enter into this paradise! We could’ve spent several hours in this beautiful place. So many types of plants, flowers, and everything in between.


One of the coolest, most trendy places I’ve ever been. A quaint coffee shop flows into a larger lounge/restaurant. We could’ve stayed there all day, eating and drinking and lounging. The acme bagel (their version of a lox bagel) still makes my mouth water. So fresh, delicious and filling! The Breakfast El Rey is also amazing (spicy tex-mex brekkie tacos). This is a must-stop when visiting Brooklyn!


There are few words to describe how absolutely amazing the burger and pizza are at Emily. The Emmy Burger is honestly the greatest, most unique, delicious burgers IN THE WORLD. I don’t know what kind of meat, cheese, and magic potions they use but it changed my cheeseburger experiences. Also, that za. That freshly made, cheesy, crispy crust… Oh man. Another must-stop in Brooklyn.

Keg and Lantern

Such a fun and laid back bar with amazing beer and all the tv’s you could ever want.

Two Boots Pizza

Yeah there are pizza spots on every corner but Two Boots has TONS of options (including actually decent vegan slices). This was a recommendation from my friend Nickie and I’m glad I got this massive shroom slice!

Brooklyn Zoo

Entry is only $8 and proceeds go to conservation efforts. There were tons of adorable animals and a lot of them you could pet (like the llamas, sheep, goats) and the sea lions were so skilled it blew my mind! Walking around the zoo is also a great way to work off all that pizza you’ll definitely eat.