Upstairs at Caroline + Caroline

This is the fourth hotel restaurant that has wowed me in Austin. Both Upstairs at Caroline and Caroline have incredible eats, views and environments. Let’s get right to it and start with the upstairs.

The upstairs lounge is spacious with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, tons of games, and beautiful views. The drinks are not for the weak of heart. They’re strooonnngg and the perfect way to sip any mid-week or weekend worries goodbye. We also ordered the grilled adobo chicken and pork carnita tacos, guacamole especiale, plantain chips, and spicy ahi tuna poké. I mean it when I say every single thing was so damn amazing. Those tacos were better than actual taco shops. Sooo much flavor and spice! My favourite drink was the Singapore Sling which has ford’s gin, pineapple, combier, grenadine, and bitters. We also ordered Mike’s Tai and Bomb’s Away – yes, we like our gin.

Now let’s get to the restaurant downstairs, Caroline. We started off with golden beet carpaccio, spicy deviled eggs, and fresh burrata. These are what appetizer dreams are made of, y’all. I’m a sucker for beets and never had them this way before – I loved it! The burrata was so fresh and amazing with the housemade pesto, tomatoes and garlic bread. YUMMM.

More drinks? Yes please! An old fashioned and a Rhone blend wine complimented all the dishes. Delmonico steak, wild mushroom bolognese, chicken schnitzel, and the prime cheeseburger. One of the biggest, best, most amazing dinner spreads you could ever imagine! The steak was perfectly seared on the outside and melted in my mouth! The roasted tomatoes and french fries were the perfect sides. I could probably eat this (at least) once a week. The mushroom bolognese is the perfect dish for a vegetarian or vegan! And that schnitzel… ooooh man. Pro tip – have it with the golden beet carpaccio for an exceptional meal. And let’s just say that cheeseburger was 100% drool worthy. The grilled meat piled high with fixins and a buttery bun is the definition of perfection.

Oh, you’re so full you can’t breathe? Well then please have some dessert! A blueberry cobbler with house made ice cream and pineapple fluffy ice. Its worth every single bite. I hope y’all have plans on visiting Caroline/Upstairs soon because this place is soon to become an Austin staple! So much good food and all the time in the world to eat it.