Top 5 Becker Vineyard Wines

I’ve been a long time fan and consumer of Becker Vineyard and their amazing wines. I’ve compiled a list of my favourite wines from their vineyard. Some you can find at HEB but some are reserves that you can only get from their vineyard or online. All of them are 100% AMAZING no matter the time of year!

The 2015 Reserve Viognier is bright, crisp, and won the gold at the 2017 Lone Star International Wine Competition. Their website states it’s aromatics and palate are lemon, apricots, peaches, clove and vanilla. It goes well with fish like most white wines but this Rhone-origin grape goes really well with pungent, stinky cheeses. Think gorgonzola and blue cheese with walnuts and dried fruits. Yuummmm.

The 2014 Raven is a blend of Malbec, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s not only an easy, drinkable wine but complex and rich.  The aromatics include leather, cellar must, herbaceous notes, bing cherries, allspice and brown sugar. And it has spicy notes, bright acidity, baking spices, as well as vanilla and black pepper. It pairs well with pot roasts, steak, or veal. I paired it with spaghetti and homemade beef-pork meatballs. Deeeelicious!

The 2014 Reserve Roussanne is a beautiful, well-rounded wine with most of the grapes coming from Bingham Vineyard in the Texas High Plains. It won the gold at the 2017 Houston Stock Show and Rodeo Wine Competition. They cold ferment the wine for 30 – 45 days to savor the fruity notes. Everyone will love this wine even if you’re a “red wine only” type of person. The aromatics include delicate herbal tea with notes of lime, white flowers, and pear with a hint of honey. I paired it with salmon and roasted brussels – it was a perfect match!

Another wine from The Texas High Plains is this fantastic 2014 Chevaux Noir. This wine is a mix of Merlot and Cabernet Franc. I had this very classy wine with a friend and some not-so-classy cheesy chips but it just shows how versatile this wine really is! The aromatics include cassis, tobacco and hints of lavender and herb. It has dry tannins and a sweet cherry finish. It would pair really well with rich, dark chocolate cake.

The 2015 Jolie rosé wine is a mix of Tempranillo, Syrah, and Grenacha grapes. Their website states that “This juice comes from the Saignée (bleeding of the tanks) of red varietals giving Jolie its full body. Our rosé is dry and will hold beautifully for about 2 – 3 years. This is a style of wine meant to be consumed while young.” I’m a huge rosé fan especially in these hot summer days and this is my new absolute favourite! The aromatics include deep florals of apple, rose and red berries and tastes of cola, lavender and citrus. It pairs well with pretty much anything, from lamb chops to buttery scallops. All in all, Becker Vineyards has some serious talent in their art and I’m a happy consumer of it all. What’s your favourite wine?