Treaty Oak’s New Restaurant: Ghost Hill

The property at Treaty Oak Distillery is absolutely beautiful – from the distillery building to the open bar and the brand new restaurant, this is a place you just gotta visit! We toured the space, including their new smoker where Lee, the Pitmaster, showed us their meats! Following that, we dined at their new restaurant, Ghost Hill. Take a look below!

Moving on – the drinks. Pictured below is their Mai Tai made with Treaty Oak Barrel Reserve Rum, lime, orgeat, and orange syrup.

This was my favourite drink that I had to get two! The Herbal-Gin Caliente is made with Waterloo Gin, herbal hibiscus Tea and a dash of jalapeno. Not pictured but also delicious is their Peach Tea made with peach infused whiskey and peach sweet tea.

Alright, now the reeaaal good stuff. The noms.

The first course was a beautiful, amazing, duck confit tacos. It was dressed with huitlacoche crema, pickled red onions, and arugula. I could easily eat 10 of these. Gaaaah, so good!

The second course was the Brisket Banh Mi made with pickled carrots, jalapeño, Sriracha mayo, and herbs. Again, please give me ten more of these.

The final course were the Pork Spare Ribs made with bourbon molasses, jicama, and mint. The meat fell off the bone in the best way possible. 10/10 y’all! I can’t wait to go back and try more of their amazing menu! The restaurant officially opens October 5th!