Breakfast at Gourmand’s

We all know and love the neighborhood sandwich spot Gourmand’s but did you know they have DYNAMITE breakfast options?! Their newest brekkie item is a bread bowl of scrambled eggs, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, cheese and their amazing spinach and artichoke dip lining the inside of the bowl. It’s also topped with two beautiful egg yolks and parmesan shavings! Talk about Y U M M Y. They’re still working on perfecting this bowl but it should be on the menu by the end of the year.

They have a couple different breakfast sandwich options, including the amazing meat filled one we ordered. It had bacon, ham, sausage, cheese and fried eggs on white bread (they get all their bread from New World Bakery in Kyle). I would recommend getting it on their rye bread with havarti for some extra flair!

Pro tip: order the Godfather sandwich “hot” and enjoy the melted goodness. It comes with sliced ham, Genoa salami, spicy capicola ham, Provolone cheese, onions, and their house-made pepper relish. Also, their house-made pickled veggies and chips are the perfect accompaniments!

I love that they’re expanding into the breakfast scene because their sandwiches are too delicious to be limited to lunch and dinner. Go check it out and let me know what you think!