The Experience at Cafe Josie

The charming and long-time standing local restaurant Cafe Josie has an experience unlike any other – it’s Austin’s first and only casual dining unlimited chef’s tasting menu experience. And the food? Incredibly inventive, beautiful and of course, delicious!

From left to right: steak frites, avocado salad, beer battered acorn squash, caesar salad, fried oysters, smoked pepper pimiento cheese, and gulf redfish.

So many good things happening in that picture. The steak frites were perfectly made – there are fewer things better than a buttery, medium-rare steak and crispy salty fries! I have to say the beer battered acorn squash was my favourite. Super flavorful, crispy, and with the most delicious remoulade ever. You might notice there’s a LOT of fried foods on the menu (which isn’t my usual go-to style of cuisine) but did you know you can customize any of the dishes to be grilled instead?! PLUS they can make anything gluten-free (they have a separate kitchen to assure no contamination)!

Fried oysters, beer battered acorn squash, fried brussels sprouts, and smoked pepper pimiento cheese.

Below you’ll see close ups (and more details) of more dishes!

The grilled gulf shrimp lettuce wrap has scallions, red pepper, jicama, red chile nam jim, and herbs.

The classic caesar salad is crispy, fresh and lemony. It’s made with baby lettuce and grana podana.

This isn’t always on the menu, but it is one of my favourites I had! Creamy polenta with fried catfish, grilled corn, and paprika aoili. When I saw it on the menu, it didn’t sound all that exciting, but as you can see, it’s beautiful and tastes even better than it looks. Truly.

The fried chicken sandwich comes with pamp’s buttermilk biscuit, caramelized garlic gastrique, and basil. It’s the cutest fried chicken sandwich you’ll ever have.

Where my mac n cheese fans at?! The shells and cheese come with cheddar, smoked gouda, and magical bacon onion jam. Sweet and salty and creamy and FABULOUS!

Steak frites, we meet again. I had to share a close up of this. Look at that seared meat! And I don’t know about you but I’d like freshly grated grana padano on everything.

This was the special of the night – salisbury steak with mashers. I shared all of the small plates except this one. I ate the whole. damn. thing. *insert clapping hands*

Now onto dessert! We had a little bit of everything: the gianduja truffles with candied pecans and strawberry marmalade; the creme brulee with bourbon cherries, venezuelan dark chocolate, cashews, and mint; and the malted vanilla ice cream with funnel cake, cajeta, and powdered sugar. My favourite was the funnel cake with ice cream because Texas.

Have you had The Experience yet? Check it out Monday through Saturday starting at 4pm. Also, Cafe Josie is starting brunch service on November 12th – you can take a look at the menu here! They’re also launching a happy hour Monday through Saturday from 4 to 6pm – take a look at the deals here.  So many good things are coming from this beloved downtown restaurant!