Be More Pacific

There’s a fabulous new brick and mortar in town and I’m so excited to share it with you. Be More Pacific is bringing Filipino street food to Austin and it’s SO GOOD.

These are their Gio’s Special Lumpias with imitation crab, cream cheese, green onion and spicy mayo dip.

The Tosilog is one of my favourite dishes. It’s a combination of sweet and savory pork, garlic rice, green
onion garnish, and a fried egg. Simply delicious!

The BMP queso comes loaded with ground pork, spicy banana sauce, onions and sour cream. It’s the most unique queso I’ve ever had! Pro tip: pair it with a sangria for ultimate deliciousness.

The Adobo is definitely my favourite dish on the menu. It comes with chicken leg quarters braised in a tangy savory marinade of vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, and pepper. PLUS there are fingerling potatoes, boiled eggs, green onion garnish, and steamed white rice. It’s so warm, comforting, and full of flavor.

The Pancit Bihon comes with chicken or tofu, rice noodles, cabbage, carrots, onions, green onion garnish, and lemon. It’s light, fresh, crunchy, and colorful.

The Halo Halo is a quintessential Filipino dessert: Ube ice cream, shaved ice, sweet beans, fruit, jellies, flan, and evaporated milk. You mix it altogether and you have a funky, delicious dessert! I definitely recommend this brick and mortar for anyone looking for authentic Filipino food (or just amazing food in general)!!