Brix and Ale + Rentsch Brewery Dinner

Explore expertly paired culinary creations by Brix And Ale’s Executive Chef Patrick Taylor paired with Rentsch Brewery’s signature craft beers. I got a sneak peak of this five course special pairing dinner and you definitely want to be there. It’s happening this Thursday, November 16 at Brix And Ale at the Sheraton Austin in Georgetown.

Chef Taylor and Rentsch Brewery’s Drew Milburn will guide the tasting featuring unique flavor combinations – the dishes and beers truly complement each other in so many delicious ways. Get your tickets here!

The first course was a sourdough pretzel with beer cheese fondue. I usually don’t care for either of these menu items, but I ate the whole dang thing. I’m head over heels for this combo + the Rentsch Blonde.

PS see that candle burning in the back? It’s actually butter and beef tallow for you to dip your bread in. SO creative (and tasty too)!

Next up was the Rentsch Hefeweizen and grilled artichoke with a beer mustard remoulade. I could’ve licked the remoulade bowl clean, but I’m a lady.

The third course was a Rentsch IPA 2 and the best maple glazed salmon I’ve ever had, plus seared parsnips, baby carrots, and a sprinkling of pistachio and lemon. Just look at that beauty!

The fourth course was truly special – the Rentsch Weizenbock was paired with a Dr. Pepper braised pork shank, creamy Texas cheddar grits, bacon braised collard greens, and a braising jus. It was indulgent, but not too heavy. Meaning I could eat this everyday.. right?

The dessert was straight from Heaven. The Double Rumtoberfest beer was paired with a rumtoberfest cream cake and freshly whipped coconut cream. It was a mix between a tres leches and unicorn magic.

This was such a unique, creative and memorable dinner, and you should make plans to be there this Thursday, November 16th. Get your tickets here and thank me later. 🙂