Forthright’s New Dinner Service

I dined at Forthright for my birthday and tried out their new dinner service. Their menu boasts bold flavors, big plates and their always fresh and unique palette.

Steak frites with herbed butter and parmesan fries. Look at the size of that ribeye!

Mushroom risotto – two of my most favourite things put together! Tons of flavor, four different types of mushroom and tons of bright green chives.

A huge piece of pork belly, pommes rosti, and hericots verts. As beautiful as it is delicious!

The pan seared salmon comes with puréed butternut squash, fried polenta cakes and fresh arugula. Definitely a perfect fall dish!

A bird’s eye view of the steak frites, the always wonderful cheeseburger, and a half loaf of artisan bread (that I requested because I wanted all the carbs).

Thanks to all my wonderful friends who made the night so special!

And a huge thank you to my sweet love who proposed to me in the morning of my birthday and spent months making sure it was the perfect day 🙂