A Weekend in Houston

A few weeks ago, Joel and I went to Houston to see Noah Gundersen, FINALLY visit the Karbach Brewery, and to shop at the Galleria. It was a ton of fun and I have some highlights to share!

Karbach Brewing Co.

This is the cleanest, most organized, and overall fantastic breweries I’ve visited. Most breweries have food trucks to serve food, but Karbach has their own kitchen. Plus, every item on their menu has one of their beers incorporated in it! We ordered a soft pretzel with Weisse Versa beer cheese and fish ‘n chips battered with Weekend Warrior. We sipped on the Karbachtoberfest and Hop Delusion as well. Everything was absolutely delicious and I already want to go back!

The Heights Theater

This venue is on a renovated block in Houston and it was quaint, sweet, and reminded me a lot of a small town square. Noah was of course as amazing as ever – I’ve seen him at least 7 or 8 times now! If you haven’t heard of him before, (which is a true shame), listen to his tunes here!

Les Ba’get

We ordered the lemongrass grilled pork spring rolls to start. Not only is the presentation beautiful, but they were some of the tastiest spring rolls I’ve ever had. They were stuffed to the max and had a unique fish sauce that was slightly sweet and spicy. So fresh and tasty!

I ordered the hoisin buttered chicken croissant sandwich – it’s dressed with duck patê, truffle aioli, cucumber, pickled daikon and carrots, scallions, cilantro and jalapeños. The sandwich was as big as my face, y’all. Not even kidding. Joel ordered the oak smoked brisket croissant. I don’t know how they do it but it was some of the tastiest meat I’ve had. It was like being at a barbecue joint but instead you’re in a cute and spunky cafe. I think about this meal all the time… It was one of my most favourite things I’ve EVER had!

There are new restaurants constantly opening, as well as the classics, to visit in Houston and I know I have muuuuch more to go! What are some of your fave spots in H-town?