Authentic Haitian Eats from Kreyol Korner

I’ve never had Haitian food before and I’m hitting myself over the head for it because I’ve been missing out. There is tons of bold flavor, interesting history and curious dishes in the Haitian food culture. Kreyol Korner opened last year and while they focus mainly on catering, they have a new food truck on the corner of 6th street and I-35 that you need to stop at for your next lunch break.

I enjoyed the stewed chicken with sweet plantains and rice and beans, spicy pickled salsa, tropical plantain cups with shrimp, and guava punch. I also tried the spinach stuffed fried pastry which was like an empanada but with tons of great spice! There are lots of great vegetarian and meat options.

We also tried a traditional rum drink called krema. It’s almost like egg nog but it’s much more delicious (plus, island rum).