Royal Jelly’s Revamped Menu

Chef Jason Salas has taken over the kitchen at Royal Jelly and his creations are pretty dang amazing, y’all! He gave us the story behind the menu and how each item has a history in Jason’s life. All of the menu items are handmade with love and took many tries to perfect. And the drinks… they make a crazy good gin and tonic.

The duck poutine takes two days to make – the duck has to be marinated and slowly smoked to reach perfect tenderness. The gravy is made from the duck drippings and isn’t the typical heavy brown gravy you might see on poutine, but is light with great flavor. The queso is fluffy and airy and doesn’t congeal due to some *secret ingredients.* The brussels sprouts are fried and covered in a gochujang vinaigrette and sriracha mayo. Everything has tons of flair, savory spices, and unique texture.

The lamb bolognese is another fantastic dish with – you guessed it – more secret ingredients that make the meatballs melt in your mouth and sauce that you want to put on everrrrything. The pork belly tacos have pineapple slaw, avocado ranch, a beautiful fried egg and yuka fries.

Royal Jelly has some really great specials throughout the week. On Wednesdays, you can get a classic cheeseburger and fries for only $10 and a whiskey drink for $3! If Wednesday’s don’t work, there are great HH deals from Tuesday through Sunday! $4 Pearl Snap, $2 Lone Star, $2 off all wine, $5 Moscow Mule and $2 off the App Duo, Royale Burger, and the Duck Poutine! Royal Jelly is just starting to gear up for lots of changes – a new menu will be coming shortly so stay tuned!