Intero: Appreciation For the Whole Ingredient

Intero is the newest addition to the East Caesar food scene and they’re bringing fabulous bold Italian flavors. Their menu changes daily in order to present the best, freshest, in-season ingredients. They state on their website “Our goal is to embrace the importance of sustainability through whole animal butchery and whole produce usage.”  I had the delight of dining at Intero for dinner where I was treated to so many amazing dishes.

We started out with one of their staples: housemade fresh made ricotta, flatbread, and collard green salsa verde. The ricotta was incredibly fluffy and the flatbread was smokey and soft.

This beet passato is one of the best things I’ve ever had. I loooove beets and the combination of beet passato, radicchio, pickled shallot, hazelnuts and smoked blue cheese is the most amazing concoction!

This is the butternut squash tortellini with veal meatballs and a beautiful butter sauce. I had a bite of this and it was hard to not take the whole bowl away from Joel. The lightness of the squash and the richness of the veal was a perfect balance!

The ravioli all’uovo is made with house ricotta, cabbage, mushroom and spring onion and isn’t it just beautiful?! It was absolutely delicious – I devoured this.

Lastly we enjoyed a beautiful roasted lamb leg, carrot risotto, fennel and goat cheese. Again, the lightness of the carrot risotto perfectly complemented the richness of the lamb leg. I looooved this!

Not seen: the beautiful box of handmade artisan chocolate made by Krystal Craig which included truffles of smoked ganache and peanut butter crunch and barks of vanilla espresso chai and mint chocolate.

You NEED to make Intero part of yoru weekend plans because it is a truly special, authentic, and love-filled restaurant.