SoCo Bar & Bites

Alright y’all. The search is over. I’ve found the best queso in Austin and you will not believe where it’s from… Soco Bar and Bites in the Embassy Suites Hotel! Their queso is so flavorful, spicy and filled with pico and peppers. You can add avocado, chorizo, or shrimp to it – we went with the chorizo and it was the best decision. I love that they aren’t afraid to use spice – that’s something that a lot of queso in town is missing. They also serve it with both tortillas and chips because let’s be real, sometimes you want both.

I know in my post from Boiler Nine, I praised their shrimp and grits (which I still think is amazing) but the shrimp and grits from Soco Bar and Bites is amazing in its own way too! You can taste the freshness in each bite – the shrimp was hot off the grill and the grits were perfectly cooked (not too creamy or gritty). The pile of peppers including hatch green chiles gives it such a kick!

Joel loves burgers – as do I – and we eat them often. He said that this is his new number one favourite burger in Austin. Now that’s a statement, folks. The brioche bun is packed with two pieces of pork belly, two freshly made beef patties, cheddar cheese, arugula, house sauce, and tomatoes. A shishito pepper pinned to the top makes and its ready to be chowed down. And fries on the side because it would be blasphemy without it. This thing of beauty is damn delicious, and if you love burgers as much as us, you need to try it.