Austin’s First Food Hall: Fareground

Most of y’all know about the wonderful and fabulous new food hall but for those that don’t, Fareground is a heavenly place where some of the best culinary creations are under one roof. You will find Contigo, Antonelli’s, Henbit, Dai Due Taqueria, Easy Tiger and Ni-Kome. I’m a huge fan of all these places – I really can’t pick just one favourite!

Dai Due’s Taqueria is a meat-lovers paradise! It’s truly some of the best meat I’ve had, plus who doesn’t love a well made taco? Also, those churros are indescribable. You’ll just have to go and try them for yourself.

Antonelli’s Cheese Shop is known for their artisan cheeses and they’ve taken it a step further with their 8-cheese grilled cheese sandwich. Paired with tomato bisque soup and you have the PERFECT winter meal! Also, their mac n cheese takes your run of the mill usual cheddar to the next level.

We all know and love the local sushi spot Kome, but now there’s a smaller version (hense the “Ni” in Ni-Kome). They blew me away with a sushi buffet on their media preview. You can get a taste of this by building your own sushi tray for lunch or dinner! Plus, they have ramen for all the noodle lovers out there.

This are just a few of the amazing options at Fareground – make sure to also try the amazing Contigo, Henbit and Easy Tiger in the food hall! You’ll find classic Contigo eats like their amazing chicken wings, six different kinds of salads, and that burger we all know and love. Henbit is the new concept by Emmer and Rye and they boast clean eats and fresh sourced ingredients, Easy Tiger has an amazing array of fabulous pastries as well as artisan sandwiches. And don’t forget to grab a beverage at the bar – I love the Tito’s Mule and French 76 (both cocktails are on draft)!