Restaurant Review: Kome

sakeJoel and I tried Kome for the first time last weekend. It is outrageous that I haven’t visited before considering how long it has been around and the close proximity to my house!

We started out with some drinks – a sweet and subtle sake with hints of creamy caramel. I haven’t tried enough sake to be an expert in it, but I know when something tastes good. And this tasted good.

nigiriOur first dish was a yellowtail nigiri and a king salmon nigiri (one for each of us). I LOVED the yellowtail but the king salmon was a little too fatty (but it was still tasty).

We had two rolls – a tarantula roll which included: softshell crab, shrimp tempura, tobiko, avocado, carrot, spinach, TX green sauce & Go-Go sauce. And yes, it is as divine and tasty as it looks!yakitori

The second roll was the sunshine roll – perfectly fresh and delicious. It included fresh salmon, mango, avocado, sesame seeds.

Lastly we had some traditional yakitori chicken thighs – this was Joel’s favourite. There’s something about meat on a stick straight off the grill that is incredibly satisfying. The miso sauce was on point as well!


The tarantula and sunshine rolls

Kome offers all the freshness, innovation, and tastiness as some of the more expensive Japanese restaurants, but with a much more affordable menu. However, some items were a little pricey, but were definitely worth every penny! Compared to other sushi spots in town, I would probably choose Fukumoto or Uchiko for a finer dining option, but Kome is a place I can visit over and over without breaking the bank.

Overall, it was a GREAT experience and I recommend it 100%!

Have you had Kome yet? What is your favourite dish there? I would love to hear your feedback!