Restaurant Review: La Mancha

I finally visited the beloved neighborhood restaurant La Mancha and it was the tex-mex feast of my dreams! Their menu is huge so everyone will find something they want. They have a huge front patio out front, as well as plentiful seating inside. Lots of colorful paintings, flags and detailed tiling adorns the inside. You feel right at home as soon as you walk in!

We of course had to start off with some loaded queso (called the firehouse no 12 queso). Nothing better than a bowl of melted cheese!


I had to have a margarita, obviously, and tried several of them. The strawberry mango mix was my favourite!

Then came the feast. Migas, enchiladas, tacos, and all the fixins. It was HEAVENLY! We had the Numero Dos Plate which included one sour cream chicken enchilada, one spiced ground beef with ranchero and queso enchilada (also known as the truck stop) and a crispy taco.

Oh, and did I mention the chicken and steak fajitas? Because I couldn’t stop eating them. So full of flavor, spice and perfectly grilled peppers.

The migas were made with real, fresh eggs (none of that eggs-in-a-carton kinda stuff) with fresh peppers, crispy potatoes and so much cheese!

The vegetarian enchiladas were also incredibly delicious and fresh!

And you can’t forget about dessert! The tres leches cake is perfectly made with a nice helping of fresh fruit and whipped cream.

La Mancha is not only a family friendly place, but everyone can find what they want on their huge menu. Everything is full of flavor, super fresh, and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy and heavy like a lot of Tex Mex places can.  Thanks to the wonderful folks at La Mancha for treating me like a foodie queen! 🙂