Recipe #15: Chimichurri Steak & Roasted Veggies (Whole30)

This has not only been a client favourite, but is super easy to make and is so dang delicious! If you haven’t heard of or tried chimichurri before, now is the time. The Argentinian spices bring a serious party to your mouth and can dress up any meal! Ingredients: 1 lb of grass fed ribeye Read more about Recipe #15: Chimichurri Steak & Roasted Veggies (Whole30)[…]

Restaurant Review: Eureka!

Eureka! is located in the heart of downtown Austin. It’s corner spot next to The Driskill has large open windows and a beautiful indoor space with ample seating. I had the best time trying their menu and I am excited to share some of my favourites with you! Lollipop Corn Dogs These little balls of Read more about Restaurant Review: Eureka![…]

Recipe #13: Mongolian Beef (Gluten Free)

I am so excited to bring to you yet another delicious and healthy dish! I am going to take this fan favorite¬†and put nutrition back in it! (The classic recipe has a bunch of scary things in it). Ingredients: 2 lbs of prime beef chuck, cut into thin strips 1/4 cup gluten-free tamari 3 tbsp Read more about Recipe #13: Mongolian Beef (Gluten Free)[…]

Recipe #12: Zucchini Lasagna (Whole30)

Two words for you that change the pasta game: zucchini lasagna. In this dish, I use a mandolin slicer to make zucchini noodles and macadamia nuts to make ricotta! One of my clients liked this dish so much, I’m making it again for them next week. Trust me, you’ll love it too. Ingredients: For the Read more about Recipe #12: Zucchini Lasagna (Whole30)[…]

Recipe #11: Meatloaf (Whole30)

For my next Whole30 compliant recipe, I bring you a homemade classic: meatloaf! My boyfriend loves this as a main dish and I gotta say, I did a pretty good job making it. Ingredients: 1 Vital Farms egg (it makes such a difference using pasture raised eggs!) 1/2 a green bell pepper, chopped 1/2 an Read more about Recipe #11: Meatloaf (Whole30)[…]

Kemuri Tatsu-Ya

Delightful scents of smokey meats, fresh fish, and Japanese sake fill the air as you walk into Kemuri. The owner’s of Ramen Tatsu-Ya opened up this izakaya, a casual pub eatery, with a mission – serve solid Japanese¬†food and pay homage to the building’s previous eatery, Live Oak BBQ. The fact that they would think Read more about Kemuri Tatsu-Ya[…]

A Guide to Portland

If you haven’t been to Portland, Oregon – now is the time to go. I had the most AMAZING time there this past Christmas and I already miss it. Portland is kind of like an Austin 2.0 (as much as I love Austin it’s just true). Take a look below at all the gorgeous things Read more about A Guide to Portland[…]

Recipe #7: Gluten Free Italian Fagioli Soup

Your mouth needs this soup. It will warm you up. It will fill you up. It won’t make you feel sick to your stomach like a lot of holiday/seasonal foods can do. Since starting my new job at Nutritional Wisdom, I have been ruined. Now that I know what “real food” is, I no longer Read more about Recipe #7: Gluten Free Italian Fagioli Soup[…]

Restaurant Review: Chi’lantro

We all love the feeling of eating a healthy, nutritious meal, but sometimes finding one that tastes decent is a struggle. What I love about Chi’lantro, and why I wanted to spotlight them on my blog, is that they totally understand the blend of health + nutrition! And that they are much more than just Read more about Restaurant Review: Chi’lantro[…]